About Us

Who We Are

Dochu Loulak is a Nigerian registered energy company with expertise in mining of solid minerals, dredging and exploration and production of oil and gas and in marketing minerals and petroleum products such as LPG, LNG, AGO and PMS. We invest and support production of batteries and in refineries and solar power.

Our Mission

Use the best technologies to exploit and deliver our products (oil and gas, solid minerals and sand) safely and with strong commitment to social and environmental responsibilities for the benefit of humanity. Achieve customer satisfaction with timely delivery of high-quality products, studies and engineering services.

Core Values

Our core values include honesty, safety, integrity, accountability, and respect to people. These values embed in our business principle and code of conduct.

What We Do

Exploration and Production of oil and Gas

Dochu and partners deploy state of the art technologies to explore, develop and produce hydrocarbons. We deliver processed crude to offtakers at export terminals. We also manage, develop and produce 3rd parties fields for clients under a win-win commercial arrangement.


We prospect, explore and mine valuable solid minerals, Currently we mine iron ore (ferrite), lithium and cobalt. Cadastrals have been acquired for gold prospecting mining.


We dredge and supply sand to construction companies. We dredge and deepen the depth of shallow waters to about 25m deep.


We have outlets for LPG, CNG and other petroleum products distribution.

Geophysical and Technical Services

We provide high quality geophysical and geological and engineering studies to clients. Dochu and partners acquire and supervise seismic acquisition and processing for 3rd parties.